The Beach (Greek Island Edition)

I’m going to start this post by saying there won’t be many words.  I don’t think my words can do justice on the stunning islands we enjoyed on part 2 of our Greek adventure. Also we didn’t actually do much to write about –  just ate good food and went to the beach!

Here is a quick wrap on the latest Greek islands that we visited.

olympus 1.JPG


Why we loved it – Did someone say hot springs at the beach. Think laying in a pool of piping hot water with the cold sea waves flowing over (sort of like peeing in an all over wetsuit) It’s meant to heal ailments, so here I was trying to stay under as long as I could (could it fix a fat head?)

What we didn’t like –  We only spent 1 day here

What the kids liked – Hot chocolate at the port, hot springs and hide and seek in the old town.  They also had a love in.  This is where they cuddle and say how much they love each other.  It usually lasts about 30 mins before Evie cracks it.



Why we loved it – Booze, beaches and babes.  That probably sounds a little dramatic.  The booze was a couple quiet wines on our balcony with the waves gently crashing against our fisherman’s shack.  The beaches were amazing.  We stayed right on one.  It was a fisherman’s shack right on the beach.  When I mean right on the beach, you stepped over the small front fence onto sand (and water).  The place was pretty tiny (just one room) but the setting exceptional. While watching a movie inside one afternoon the kids had to close the front door as the sea was being a little too noisy and they couldn’t hear. Our neighbour was an old Greek dude, who still used his as a place to tie his nets etc. for his fishing each day.   He was limited in English (none) and teeth (two) but we smiled and said yassou each day. Babes, were my little girls (and some dark glasses on the beach checking out the talent)

What we didn’t like –  That I didn’t have a white linen suit.  I felt I really could have rocked it on this island.  It was also a little windy.

What the kids liked –   A restaurant with a playground across from the beach. Kid heaven. All the food at the restaurant was grown on the owner’s farm.



Why we loved it -.  It was small, with only 600 permanent residents and one little village. After one day here you start to recognise people, it’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone and they know in .25 seconds that you aren’t a local. This island also had an absolutely stunning beach called Prassa.  The kids could float out on their rings while Ez and I would battle it out playing paddle bat.  Each island has its own food delicacy. Kimolos had Ladenia (a sort of fried tomato bread).  It was the bomb. Our Airbnb host also baked us fresh loukoumades (Greek doughnuts) for breakfast.  (Dear diary –  I now weigh 154kg, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.) Over the years we’ve been to about 12 Greek Islands and we both agree that Milos and Kimolos have the most stunning beaches.

What we didn’t like –  One day at Prassa beach the lemon ‘fancy drink (aka slushy) wasn’t quite frozen yet. First world problems I know!

What the kids liked –  Playground in the town square.  We could (we did) sit and have a drink while the kids played with the Greek town kids on the equipment.  Our kids loved the beach here and that they got to have ‘fancy drinks’ served to them at the beach.

20160717-DSCF8162untitled (1 of 3)20160716-DSCF8117.JPG

Paros & Antiparos

What we liked – One of the highlights of Paros was when Ez accidentally let the cottage dog (Perry) off the leash and it ran away.  It couldn’t be found so I decided to drive the streets looking for it.  About 25 minutes later I returned with Perry.  Ez had been feeling more stress than Kim Kardashians undies but the sight of Perry changed all that and it was the highlight of the day.  We also liked Antiparos, it is the holiday island of a one Tom Hanks and family. It’s tiny and he was actually there when we were but we didn’t catch up, he was probably busy playing with Wilson. It was actually a pretty cool little island only a short boat trip from the much bigger Paros.  One day Evie fell asleep on Antiparos and woke up on Paros. Upon waking up and looking out the window I think  she was as confused as a hermaphrodite on a first date.

What we didn’t like – July on Paros is 30 + degrees every day and windy.  11am-4pm it’s pretty much too hot to be at the beach.  Outside those times…wonderful.

What the kids liked –  Yes, you guessed it – there was another good playground. They also loved hammocks by the pool in the afternoon.  Evie has now fallen asleep in 3 hammocks this trip.

20160723-DSCF8557untitled (4 of 1).JPG20160718-DSCF8338.JPG20160722-IMG_4592

Obviously, I have to finish with my worst Greek dad jokes.  Why do Greek wear gold chains? So they know where to stop shaving! What do you call a Greek in Neverland? Pita Pan.

The kids have been quite funny lately.  Piper can spot an English speaker from a mile away and is now understanding their accents and can do a pretty good America accent in prep for when we make it to the states.

She is also pretty good at a Scottish accent as well.  This usually ends in an argument though as she continually calls Evie a wee lassie.  Evie explains that she is a big lassie but Pipes insists that she is a wee one.  Looking forward to heading to the places to really put these accents into action.


Also, our last night out on Paros I decided to wear a shirt out (you know the ones with buttons on).  I had a shower put on my clothes and walked in to see Evie.  She looked me up and down and said. Oh daddy, you look handsome! (potentially just moved up to *1 daughter).


Our time in the sun has finished as we have headed further north in Europe.  Stay tuned for our next posts as we check out Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

For more pictures from the Greek Islands, check out Erica’s galleries on Milos and Paros

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