Meet The Family

The Massingham Family (The Massos)

We are a family of four from Sydney, Australia .


1. Brett MassinghamBrett

Title: Dad, Daddy, Daddy Kool (like the song)

Nickname: Masso

Age: 35-40

Favourite Food: Donuts and Custard (together or separate)

Destination most looking forward to: Cuba

Jobs for 2016: Driver, writer, sporting enthusiast, eater

Favourite Child: Whoever lets me put them to bed

Trip Goal: To see a football (soccer) game in every country.  I had thought about trying to do ‘around the world in 80 games’ (this may have to include Guess Who and Monopoly)



2. Erica MassinghamErica

Title: Mum, Mumma

Nickname: Ez

Age: 35

Favourite Food: Chia seeds, Kale & Dark Chocolate

Destination most looking forward to: Greek Islands

Jobs for 2016: Translator, photographer, pacifier

Favourite Child: No comment

Trip Goal: To photograph my family in some amazing places



3. Piper MassinghamPiper

Title: First Born

Nickname: Pipes, Pipey

Age : 4 1/2

Favourite Food (in her own words): Spaghetti and Pasta, ice cream

Jobs for 2016: Big sister, Frangipani collector, artist, playground stalker

Favourite Parent: Mummy, unless Daddy has ice cream

Trip Goal:Nanny once said “if you find a four leaf clover you can go to Disneyland”.  She found one.  We are going to Disneyland


4. Evie MassinghamEvie.jpg

Title: Baby (claims she’s a big girl)

Nickname: Eves

Age: 2

Favourite Food: Bamamas (normally known as Bananas), rice

Jobs for 2016: Cryer, party starter, bully, daredevil, fashionista

Favourite Parent: Mummy, unless she forgets

Trip Goal:To wear her ‘Elsa’ dress in every country

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