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Thanks for stopping by. This site will be dedicated to stories on the road about our family’s around the world adventure. 2 adults, 2 kids (2 & 4) visiting 20+ countries in 2016.  We will be updating it with photos, stories, tips and tricks approximately 1-2 times a week.  Share it if you like it, comment if you have feedback and send us questions if you have any.

Cheers – The Massos

3 thoughts on “This Blog…The Masso Family

  1. A few weeks ago i found your blog (through your stunnnning photo session done by Summer Murdock) and I am FASCINATED. I have read it all, and i still go back just to look at the pictures. I love the concept, the lessons, and am inspired by it all. After this year, which is coming to an end pretty soon, what do you anticipate being your biggest hurdle, and biggest triumph for 2017 as you settle back into “home”?


    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for your kind words. It has been quite an amazing year. We are now back in Sydney (4 nights into our new life!). We’ve got plenty to look forward to in 2017. Our eldest daughter starts school and we will move into our new family home (which we bought unseen from on the road). Erica is going to kick off her photography business as well. I think we will probably go through a few dull times (remembering where we were at the same stage in 2016) but planning our next shorter holidays will keep us inspired. We’re excited about being home and have already had to answer ‘what was your favourite part’ a few times…. with plenty more to come no doubt! Cheers, Brett


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